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The Day I Came Home


It was the usual Saturday afternoon in the city of New York. The chitter chattering of people walking down the street, and the occasional honking of cars filled my ears.

The streetlights changing every moment, and children screaming, begging their mothers for candy was a sign that all was well. I dragged my feet over to the store, with a buck two in my pack. "Hey Tony, It's Jack, I've come to pick up a loaf for ma." I said sheepishly. "Oh, hi Jack, here, that will be a buck two, d'you want to buy it?" Asked Tony. "Yea, I'll take it. Here's your buck two," I said handing him a bill with the sign 1 on it, and dropped 2 golden coins on the counter. "Bye Tony!" I said. "Good day Jack!"

When I close my eyes, and imagine Tony, I see a clear picture of him. The chunky black haired Greek man always sitting at the front desk. He was always wearing a big fat smile on his face. I chuckled a bit at this. What a kind, but odd man Tony is, I thought.

On my way back to my house, a little black haired boy, about the length of my arm, ran up to me and said silently, "I'm sorry, I heard the bad news." With that, a liter full of anxiety rushed up into my heart. I could hear the loud thumping noise coming from my chest. My face grew hot and sweaty, as I looked at the boy with fear filling my eyes. "What’s wrong?"

I didn't hear another peep from him, I ran as fast as my legs would carry me, I ran through red lights, nearly got myself killed, and scraped my elbow quite badly.

"Ma, are you there ma?" I said running into the living room. The moment I saw the pregnant, brown haired woman sleeping on the couch, I knew she was there.

"Ma, wake up! What's the bad news ma?" "Huh, oh, Jack. Guess what?" She started. But I didn't let her end, at least not until I got my answer. "Ma, what's the bad news?" I asked sternly.

"Oh, that, you see." She started. "Where’s dad?" I interrupted. "Oh, he's upstairs praying." She said. "Oh," I said slowly. Dad never prays. I thought silently to myself. "Oh yes as I was saying, well, umm I don't exactly know how to say this, well better get it over with I guess. Grandpa's dying."


After the shock, I packed my bags with dad, and took out my secret savings, even though he may already be dead, at least we will be able to bury him with the village people.

I had to go alone for the first while. And who guesses why? I had no idea what my mom said when she woke up. "Guess what" I should have listened to that.

Anyway what she was saying was she was going to have the baby soon, cause her water broke shortly after. So my dad has to take her to the hospital.

I rushed out the door, and ran to the end of the block. There stood the ferry I would be taking. I ran up to a man dressed in all white. "10 dollars for one ticket!" He said. I handed him a ten-dollar bill, grabbed my ticket and asked, "This boat goes to Flower Bud Village, right?" Sure enough it did. I boarded the boat, and took my seat. I looked down at the water. It was clean, and the waves splashed against the boat.

This really clumsy man forgot to untie the boat from the dock. So when the boat took off, there was a big bump. I banged my head on a metal bar, and fell to the floor. People surrounded me, as I watched the world slowly disappear.

When I woke up, everyone was sitting in his or her seats, ignoring me. I stood up, rubbed my head and checked the time, it was 12:00pm! I had been asleep, or knocked out for nearly an hour. I stood at the front of the boat, and noticed that an island, not to far away, had a sign that said Flower Bud Village on it! Wow! I made it! But then it occurred to me that, grandpa might be dead when the water splashed against the boat, I heard the words, Rush, Rush, Rush. But not slowly, fast, faster than I would of hoped. Just as though they were rushing, just as I was.

I sat back on a chair, and noticed that a man with blond bangs and brown hair was sitting beside me. He looked about the same age as I am. I looked at his ticket, it said Flower Bud Village. I wanted to start a conversation, but I was too afraid to. "Hello there, I'm Jack. I'm headed to Flower Bud Village to see my dying Grandpa."

"Hi Jack. I'm going to flower Bud Village too, my names Cliff," He said. "Hi Cliff! Maybe we should play a game, that would make the ride go by a bit faster." I said, trying to get to know him better. "Yeah, I got a game, d'you know how to fish?" Cliff asked. "Well, yes sort of," I said embarrassedly. "Well, then you know how to spot fish."


We stood at the front of the boat as it came to a quick stop. "Hey, Cliff! There's one, jumping, there's a dolphin out at sea!" "Oh, wow Jack! I've never seen a dolphin in my life! Jack you're a wonderful person, lets be friends, forever!" I was shocked at this, I lowered my head, and said, “Yeah, hmmm you’re a good person too, you know Cliff.” I said. "I am? I am?!" I looked up and noticed that almost all of the people on the boat had left, "lets go Cliff!" I said.

We walked onto the land, my new life awaited me, with one friend, and I felt strong, in a way. I walked up boldly, and headed to the village. I saw my grandpa’s house. I ran up to it and knocked on the door ferociously and yelled grandpa, it's me Jack...